How We Keep Your Air Ducts Clean 

Clean air ducts will ensure the longevity of the whole HVAC system, and that can be achieved through proper maintenance. Fail to follow those guidelines and your air con system will suffer breakdowns that will cost you more money than you would expect. Now, you don’t want that, and you also don’t want to spend too much money on the maintenance.  

The price of air duct cleaning may seem high, but that refers to HVAC systems found in large buildings. In a case of a household system, the price is scaled down, and the service is affordable to anyone that has a full-time job. 

If you want to know what you pay, then read through this post as we will try to explain basics of the air duct cleaning business. 

Old good step-by-step cleaning always works 

We at air duct cleaning Miami might use powerful equipment for cleaning large HVAC systems found in buildings that have fifty or more floors, but when it comes to cleaning household HVAC, we turn back to regular tools and classic step-by-step cleaning. So, you may wonder, what does this type of cleaning include and whether you can emulate a part of it. Well, read through and find out how we do it.  

The first step we do when we enter the house where we will work is to cover supply registers. We do this by removing its cover and using a paper towel or thin plastic sheets to cover the hole, and it will prevent any dust from entering the living quarters.  

The next step is to clean the air duct while keeping the fan on. This helps us move the dust out of the system without the need to bring additional tools for removal of the dust. We also make sure that the filter is operational as an error on the filter can allow the dust to go into the motor and wreck it. 

The rest is simple as we use several different tools to dislodge the dust from all nooks and crannies and allow the fan to blow them away (in this question into the air outside the house). After that is finished, we are left with the detailed cleaning of all elements of the HVAC system, which includes everything from electrics to ducts. 

What we use to clean your HVAC  

We usually bring a medium to strong vacuum that will suck up all the dust out of the HVAC. It helps the fan to extract the dust. We also tend to bring a filter with us as the one that stays in the system during the cleaning won’t be able to serve after that. 


A good brush and some paper towels are also essential tools for this line of work. They are similar to chemicals, as they are indispensable in cleaning air ducts. Those chemicals are so important because they kill germs and bacteria that stay in the HVAC even when it is properly cleaned. They ensure that the HVAC is clean and that there isn’t anything that might endanger the health of the denizens of the building.