Keeping your vents clean and your body healthy


Who We Are

We are Rod Borghese, a company that specializes in commercial air duct cleaning. We use powerful tools to deliver high-quality service to our clients. The said service is provided by highly trained professionals who have been in this business for over a decade.

The air duct cleaning is a dirty and sometimes dangerous work, and thus it requires a professional approach. The service does cost more than you think, but that money will provide you with excellent service that will remove every speck of dust from the air duct.

Our Services

Cleaning vents are what we do. This short explanation is far from the correct description of our work, and thus it might mislead some people. The job in itself isn’t simple and requires several stages of preparation that leads to complete clean-up of the vents. Here are some things that we offer.

As we already mentioned, the primary focus of our company is commercial air duct cleaning. We also provide cleaning of vents in houses and residential buildings. The significant difference between services we offer for these two different types of work is the maintenance which we provide to commercial building owners. The electricity bill will go up if there isn’t proper maintenance of the vents as dust and debris clog it. Our crew will clean the vents, and if the owner wants, we can maintain them on a regular basis. This will prevent allergens from entering the building, and the electricity bill will go down.

Air ducts aren’t the only vents we clean; we also dabble in the business of dryer vent cleaning. This is also a work that will save some money on reduced electricity bill, and we always suggest this to our clients (this refers to companies, not to individuals). Clean vents will also prevent accidents with dryers that can lead to fire and extensive damages it can cause. Some signs will inform the owner about the necessity of cleaning the vents, and we always mention those to our clients. Those signs include, among the others, dark lines on the walls or ceiling near the vents.

All of our work focuses on removal of allergens from the house or a building where people live and work. While it isn’t our primary or even secondary job, we also provide filters that reduce the number of the same allergens in a building. The filter we use passed extensive testing where it went through tests that included real bacteria and other allergens. It can’t remove everything (up to 90% of all allergens and bacteria is removed), but it will make sure that the air isn’t filled with things that can harm your health.


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Our Team

Our team consists of highly trained professionals who take their job seriously. We hire only the best in the business so we could provide the best service for our clients. People who work with us have gone through courses and training in the past, and they still attend courses that introduce new things in business.

Every job we take on lands in the hands of our people and the person who decides who will go where the manager is. He has extensive experience in the field which allows him to analyze the situation from the report and send right people and correct tools to the location.

The chief investigator, also known as the evaluation officer, is an individual who comes to the site and evaluates the necessary work. Their job is to check what tools will be required for the job and who should do it. This gives us enough flexibility to send people on simultaneous jobs.

A leading worker is a person who is in charge of the operation. Every location in which we work has one employee who oversees everything. They have the most experience, and they lead the subordinates who are at the same job. They teach their subordinates by showing them what to do and how.